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2018-19 Arthur Pack Training Schedule

The training schedule for Sunday training at Arthur Pack Park is now posted on the Training & Seminars page. Download the sign-up forms.
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Next BOD Meeting

The next BOD meeting will be on Monday, October 1st, 6:30pm at Denny's on the northeast corner of Oracle & Orange Grove. All are welcome to attend.

other upcoming tucson trials

Anyone interested in DOCNA and CPE should visit Desert Dawg Sports Events Page. SSAC makes every effort to avoid scheduling our trials on the same dates as DDS.

Member Contact List

The SSAC contact list (09/09/2018) has been updated to reflect new members and is available in the Members Only section.

Clean Run article by Mary Watcher

Mary Watcher, a Scramblers member, has published an article in the July edition of Clean Run Magazine. Entitled "My Top 10 Skills to Master", you can find it on page 10. It's a very good piece with tips that all skill levels will find useful.

beginners usdaa facebook page

The USDAA announced a new Facebook group called Start Line Agility. This is a private group for those who are new to agility and to competition although experienced competitors are encouraged to join as well! Learn more at