2020 Membership Renewals

Anyone wishing to renew their membership for 2020 can do so by filling out this form and sending it to Judy Guillot. The deadline isn';t until February 1st, so no need to worry about during the holidays.

2020 Board of Directors

The 2020 BOD was chosen at the December meeting and are as follows:

President: Jill Thorpe
Vice President: Patty Helmig
Secretary / Treasurer: Leslie Carle
Members-at-Large: Kristen Wheeler & Steve Brault   

February board of directors meeting

The February BOD meeting will be on February 5th at 6:30pm at the Denny's at Oracle & River Roads. All are welcome to attend.

Upcoming special events

The annual Special Events Committe Meeting was held August 17, 2019. The following dates were decided upon. Registration forms can be found on the Training & Seminars page.

Mar. 29, 2020: USDAA Intro Trial Alicia Nicholas judging
Apr. 19, 2020: Green Dog Day (AKC format) Denise Evans judging

other upcoming tucson trials

Anyone interested in DOCNA and CPE should visit Desert Dawg Sports Events Page. SSAC makes every effort to avoid scheduling our trials on the same dates as DDS.

Member Contact List

The SSAC contact list (11/27/2019) has been updated to reflect new members and is available in the Members Only section.

beginners usdaa facebook page

The USDAA announced a new Facebook group called Start Line Agility. This is a private group for those who are new to agility and to competition although experienced competitors are encouraged to join as well! Learn more at