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arthur pack practice dates confirmed

Sunday practices at Arthur Pack Park are now set and may be found under Training & Seminars. Once again, non-members are welcome to participate once approved. Download the information packets provided for details.

tuesday october practices at reid Park on again

Tucson Parks & Rec. is not going to work on the Reid Park field, after all. All October practices are on again. There will not be practice September 27th, though.

other upcoming tucson trials

Anyone interested in DOCNA and CPE should visit Desert Dawg Sports agility page. All of their premiums are now available.

october BOD Meeting

The Board of Directors meeting will be Monday, October 3rd at 6:30pm at Denny's at 5000 N. Oracle Rd. All members are welcome to attend.
| September Draft Minutes | October Agenda | (to come)

september general meeting

The General Meeting will be on Sunday, September 25th at Arthur Pack Park at 7:30am. Bagels, coffee and donuts will be provioded.  There will also be an auction of equipment and an agility run through. | May GM Draft Minutes |

Member Contact List

The SSAC contact list (09.01.2016) has been updated to reflect new members and is available in the Members Only section.